Sunday, July 31, 2022

Generation Jones, or the Lost Generation

 As someone who has always identified more with Gen X than Baby Boomers, I find this intriguing. 

* The Greatest Generation (1901–1927)

* The Silent Generation (1928–1945)

* Baby Boomers (1946–1964)

* Generation Jones, aka Lost Generation (1954-1965)

* Generation X (1965–1980)

* Millennials, aka Gen Y (1981–1995)

* Generation Z (1996–2010)

* Generation Alpha (2011–2025)

I’d love to hear thoughts from others born between 1954 and 1965.

Nichelle Nichols

 I’m saddened immensely to hear of Ms. Nichols’ passing. She was not only a fantastic actress and singer, but also a legend and icon.

Beautiful Sunset in Colorado

 Caught this gorgeous sunset out the kitchen window yesterday. Stunning!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Mental Health Vacation

 I’m taking a little time for myself. I’m currently in Florissant, Colorado at a beautiful cabin owned by a friend’s family. Out the window I can see both Pikes Peak and Mount Pisgah. I’m surrounded by Aspen and pine trees. I may never go home!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Home Warranty Companies

 For the past week, I've been dealing with plumbing issues. I have a contract with Home Warranty of America that is supposed to make issues like what I'm experiencing easier to navigate. SUPPOSED TO being the operative words here.

The first issue was a clogged drain line from my washing machine. The plumber came out and snaked the line, and all is good. However, in the process we discovered that my water heater (15 years old) was starting to fail and leaking into the garage. This was all discovered on Wednesday, July 5th. I am STILL waiting for a replacement water heater. 

The company that HWA sent out is incompetent and negligent at best. The initial appointment to replace the water heater was set by HWA for Tuesday the 12th. However, over the weekend I received a text from the plumber that it would be Wednesday the 13th (today) before they would be able to install the new water heater. Since my old one is working (albeit still leaking), I wasn't overly concerned.

So bright and early this morning, I text the plumber to see if I could a timeframe of when they'd be here to install the new water heater. He responds saying he needs to check with the owner of the company to see if the water heater has been purchased.


I finally receive a text back from him (after contacting HWA and complaining) that they haven't purchased the water heater yet and they're going to need to reschedule.


Why in the world didn't the plumbing company keep me informed as to the status of the purchase of the water heater? I've had to cancel appointments so I could be here today. To say that I'm angry would be an understatement.

The moral of the story is - DON'T purchase a contract with HWA. They hire incompetent vendors and then fail to stand up for the rights of the consumer. 

Lesson learned. I'll be cancelling my HWA contract and am now searching for a new home warranty company.

Dallas Stars

 Not really a random photo, but I just loved how happy we look. With my friend and housemate Kristina.