Saturday, June 24, 2023

Review of Factor75 Meal Delivery Service - Don’t Bother!

While the meals are tasty with decent lunch-sized portions, I have to admit the cost doesn’t make it worthwhile. Coming in at almost $13 per meal, it’s far too expensive. Grant it, the meals are fully prepared (2 minutes in a microwave, and they are ready to eat), so you’re paying for the convenience. This meal service is great if you’re working full-time, and don’t have time to prepare lunches or don’t want to eat out every day. 

My biggest complaint is that my first delivery was missing a full meal! I reported it and was told my second delivery would have a credit. When the second delivery was confirmed and paid for, I noticed the credit hadn’t been awarded, so I contacted their customer service department again. Turns out the first agent DID NOT submit the credit request!

So … decent food and portions, but too expensive and terrible customer service. 

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