Thursday, March 24, 2022

Lunch With Friends

 Today, I had lunch with two lovely people from my church, Royal Lane Baptist Church. Linda and Wayne are a little older than I am, and I found myself listening with fascination as they talked about something that used to be commonplace at RLBC. It was intriguing to hear their point of view and dismay that things have changed so much over the past several years (somewhat due to COVID-19, but there are certainly other factors involved). I can't say that I commiserated with them, but I certainly do understand their longing for a sense of normalcy to return.

As I was driving home (well, to the grocery store, actually), I thought about everything we'd discussed as we enjoyed the good food and each other's company. I felt sad that so many of us (myself included) have shut ourselves off from others. There is really no one person or thing to point at and say, "It's all your fault!" It just IS. 

I shall endeavor to make the changes necessary in my own life to ensure that I don't become a hermit (or worse yet, that crazy guy who lives at the end of the street and yells at everyone for walking on his lawn). I encourage you all to do the same. 

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